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Naomba nikushirikishe na wewe pia kwamba kuna mambo mengi na mazuri ndapi ya picha iliyopo hapo chini ibofye uone.

Nowadays incidences of heart break between couples is increasing probably because of long distance between couples, and cheating, also cheating is not being accepted for all parents in our families.

Money greedy, religious and race reasons, endless fights, loss of feelings, death of one you loved and so other things.

Those incidences have caused a lot of problems in our families community like confusion, suicide, poor performance in the offices, in the class, in the decision, also loss of focus in the life, quitting of job and etc.

Generally, heart breaking can't be prevented but complications coming from heart break can be prevented  and someone can go back in his or her previous normal life as before. So in order you win in this progress please try to avoid the following in your marriage.

1. Delete your ex contact, this is main source of conflict in your marriage, keep on calling or texting his or her will make things worse especially if she or he doesn't want you anymore and probably you are replaced ready by someone else, so just keep quite and even if you have the number in your head don't write them any ware because silence is the best weapons.

2. Be busy with other things, go out with friends, visit places where you was never visited before, watch action movies, and avoid to listen love songs or movies by the time being because they will eat you and don't just stay alone thinking all day long.

3. Don't hide your feelings, tell your friends or other members of your families  or relative and other people what happened to you and what will easy your pain and you will feel at least relaxed, but hiding things won't do any good to you.

4. Don't stop your tears, if you feel like crying please don't force your heart to stop what you support to do is cry it.

Remember this is not only what you should avoid in your marriage, there is so many things what you must be avoided for anyone who are in marriage, but for today I feel to let you know this four things. If you like Swahili news Go Here

Usikose kuangalia Movies mbalimbali kutoka kila kona ya dunia, bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapo chini kuona izo muvies
Nobody is a total failure if he dares to try to do something worthwhile. Tough times never last, but tough people do. The place broke up with applause. Those thirty - five hundred farmers who had lost hope and had battled depression found that hope.

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