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Naomba nikushirikishe na wewe pia kwamba kuna mambo mengi na mazuri ndapi ya picha iliyopo hapo chini ibofye uone.

Dubai. A Tanzanian (name withheld), travelling on an Emirates Airline flight from Dar es Salaam to Dubai, was charged at a Dubai court today after he pulled a cabin crew attendant towards him, hugged and kissed her as he took a selfie.

He has gone on trial for molesting the 25-year-old American employee.

Dubai Court of First Instance was told the incident took place in an an Emirates Airline flight from Dar es Salaam to Dubai on April 22, 2016.

Prosecutors said the man asked for a picture with the attendant as she served passengers and she agreed.

While she was posing for the snap, the accused put his hands around her shoulder and then hugged her, she said.

“My supervisor yelled at the man for hugging me,” the American woman told prosecutors.

He asked her again for a picture and she agreed.

She said: “I stood next to him for the shot when he hugged me again and even and kissed my neck.” She said she was angry and pushed the passenger away to the back of the plane.

Another air stewardess said that the passenger appeared normal and did not cause any trouble or the rest of the flight.

However, the attendant informed police when the plane landed in Dubai and the man was arrested.

Police said the passenger, who only speaks Swahili, admitted to hugging and kissing the woman on the flight.

However, the man did not enter a plea in court and presiding Judge Fahad Al Shamsi, adjourned the case until next month.

He could face a year in jail to be followed by deportation.

Usikose kuangalia Movies mbalimbali kutoka kila kona ya dunia, bofya kwenye picha iliyopo hapo chini kuona izo muvies
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